Ace Cannabis Seeds.Feminised and Regular Marijuana Seeds

Many Cannabis Seeds Breeders are constantly crossing and back-crossing their hybrid Cannabis strains to try to create the next ‘New Strain’ of Cannabis.Several of the well known Seed Bank’s release a dozen, or so new strains every year,with this in mind you have to wonder if there is really a need for all these new strains, or are they simply just trying to ‘re-invent the wheel’?


Ace Cannabis Seeds


  With that said,Auto Seeds Bank would like to introduce to you, a small,little known Cannabis seeds company called Ace Cannabis Seeds.Based in mainland Spain,this small but highly selective Cannabis seed company works hard to ensure it fulfills it’s own obligations to preserve, and study, Pure Landrace Strains and varieties. Ace Seeds have observed the constant loss of genetic diversity within the Cannabis wold,and now see it as their responsibility to ensure the survival of certain, unique Cannabis strains, and to maintain, and preserve ,the true genetics for future study and observation.

  Due to constant elimination of natural habitat, and genetic contamination,not to mention,Local,Federal and International laws in many parts of the world, which prohibit the research, and use of Cannabis,these Pure Landrace strains are slowly being eroded from our planet. Even though Medical Council’s around the world have already established many medical uses of Cannabis,we still have only just started to understand the medical potential, and possible cures it may have to offer. Ace Cannabis Seeds aim is to improve the lack of genetic diversity, and to try to stop the depreciation that Cannabis strains are suffering ,at this present time,and to preserve ,pure,exciting and unique landrace strains.

  From a medical point of view, many of the cannabinoids have yet to be studied, and with the constant erosion of these Pure varieties, their unique cannabinoid profile could be lost before we even have a chance to fully understand their full medical value, possibly providing a relief,or cure, for many different ailments, and diseases.

  Ace Cannabis Seeds offer you,fresh and newly released, selective strains, from the very best of their extensive library of Sativa dominated Cannabis strains, collected from many parts of the world,and preserved in their collection. For more information on where to purchase these very special Cannabis seeds,available for a short,limited time only, visit, Auto Seeds Bank, your gateway to the Cannabis world.

Skunk seed shaman,for more information on purchasing a whole range of Autoflowering,Feminised or Regular Cannabis seeds, visit, autoseedsbank.
Or for the latest in autoflowering, feminised and regular cannabis seed news, visit autoseedsbank.wordpress.

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