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Dready Seeds


Dready Bob has always had an interest in growing plants,whether they are your usual vegatables, or Cannabis for medical use. where ever Dready Bob goes,green, lush plants will grow around him. Due to the U.K. restrictions on growing Cannabis, Dready has been secretly studying Cannabis plant genetics,and the art of breeding medical Cannabis, for over ten years now. Originally, Dready Bob wanted to save some of his favourite strains in case of unforeseen circumstances, and as a back-up for future time to come. Whilst saving his own personal favourite strains, he also experimented with crossing several different strains, to make new varieties of his own. Now Dready has a good collection, of all of his strains in seed form.

 It took Dready quite some time to complete the task of backing-up his own personal Cannabis strains, saving the seeds at every stage. The reason behind this, is so Dready can go back into the seeds history, and has a standard starting point.

 So now that Dready had backed-up his Cannabis Seed colection,and added a few more favourites along the way,he set about moving his Cannabis Seed Bank to a sfer location. Spain and the U.S.A. seemed the right choices, so for the past few years Dready has been, in and out of these countries, collecting even more Cannabis Strains. Presently Dready has a few experiments ongoing, in both California, and Spain, where he has been breeding some fresh, new genetics, into some of his favourite Cannabis Strains. These new varieties will become available in the coming years. Dready Seeds will be releasing a range of premium, Feminised and Regular Cannabis Strains in the near future, although at present he has only released a handful of Feminised strains, including crosses of strains such as Jack Herer, White Widow and Blueberry. He also has Auto Jack, a Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Strain.

 Dready Cannabis Seeds mission, is to produce the ultimate collection, of al of his favourites, with all the best flavours included. All of Dready Seeds are fresh, and well stored, sent out to you packaged in a secure manner. Good yields are guaranteed, and the end product is of above average quality. Auto Seeds Bank believe Dready Bob is a growing force in the world of Cannabis Seed Breeders, and expect some new, and exciting Cannabis Strains from him over the coming years.

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