3 Tips To Bring Your Medical Insurance Premiums Within Your Means

If you’re a business owner, you won’t have enough time to look after your health. It is quite important for you to purchase a medical insurance policy so that, your medical costs are taken care of by the medical insurance company. Since few years it has been found that medical insurance premiums are rising up much faster than the household incomes. According to the reports of the Common Wealth Fund, the total coverage for the family premiums have raised up to 50% from 2003 to 2010 and the annual share of the premiums of the employee have risen up to 63%. In such a situation, if you follow certain tips, then you’re medical insurance premium costs will stay within your means.
3 Tips to make your medical insurance premiums affordable
Read on to know how you’ll be able to reduce the cost of your premiums.
1. Stay healthy:
Before you buy a medical insurance policy, you must take care of your health. Since health is wealth, you must keep it fit. Quit your smoking and drinking habits, follow a healthy diet and do your exercise regularly. This will help you keep yourself fit. try to purchase a medical insurance policy at the time when you’re fit and don’t require much medical attention or hospitalization. At this point of time you’ll not be regarded as a risk to your insurance company. Thus, you’ll be able purchase a medical insurance policy at an affordable rate.
2. Increase your deductible:
When you’ll purchase a medical insurance policy, try to increase your deductible amount. If you’re healthy and fit, then it will be beneficial for you as it will help you lower your monthly premiums. But if you’re condition is such that you have to visit frequently to the hospital, then you this strategy won’t work for you.
3. Formulate your medical insurance policy:
You must check your medical insurance policy in order to know whether or not, your policy includes any unnecessary extras. If you find any, then you must ask the insurance company to remove it. Ask them to remove the vision, dental or mental coverage from your policy. This will help you reduce your premium costs.
Lastly, try to purchase other insurance from the same company so that, you’re able to get the discounts. Ask your insurance company whether or not, you’ll be able to bundle you medical insurance policy with any other policy. If it is possible, then you’ll be able to avail certain discounts which will help you lower your premium costs.
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How to Find a Good Law Tutor in London

Various types of private law tuitions are offered by different companies in London. Choosing a London law tutor may seem to be difficult, but it is not so. When searching for private law tutor he has to decide for which subject or subjects he wants tuition or for combination of both professional and academic courses and whether it is for undergraduate and GDL subjects. All private law tutors are not expert in all subjects. Tutor who has special qualification in his required subject is good. If he wants private law tuition for various subjects then it is better to get the assistance of agency. These agencies will help in getting different law tutors for various subjects. The purpose of getting the law tutor whether he wants for covering the whole law course or to fine tune his easy writing and crucial exam techniques.

A Private Law Tutor will take care of both his aim and needs. The law tutor will help him in achieving his goal, but it is more important for him to decide what he wants to achieve. It will also help in answering what style of law tuition he wants to pursue.

He has to decide whether he wants to have tutor individually, in groups or by distance education deciding the style of learning is more important for satisfaction in tuition. Choosing the proper style of tuition is essential for achieving his goals. If he wants tuition for his whole course content he can have tuition either individually or in groups. Individual and small group tuition is the best option to improve and get higher marks in the exam and also for improving his writing skills and tactics for exams. But if he decides to have the tuition through distance education his Private law tutor must be an IT expert to give his tuition efficiently. Then, he has to choose the individual tutor or tutors according to his needs. There are law tutors, who are teaching professional in universities with good experience and also fresh graduates. It is important for him to search and select an appropriate tutor to meet his requirements. Unless he comes in contact with his Private Law Tutor he can’t predict whether he has chosen the apt tutor.

Trial sessions are offered by Bloomsbury law tutors for only . Anybody can go and meet the tutors. Even if it doesn’t suit him there are other tutors. If he is clear in his goals and needs he is sure to get a good Private Law Tutor to help him in achieving his aim.

Private law tuition in London for individuals & groups by barrister, a lecturer in law. Join private law tutors for LLB/GDL/LLM/LPC trial sessions. visit:

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Arizona Legislature Demonstrates Support of Joint Custody in New Law

With all the news coverage of Arizona’s new immigration law, much less attention has been paid to other new laws coming out of the recently ended legislative session. One such law, SB 1314, may affect custody decisions regarding minor children in contested divorces and other child custody proceedings.

The new law, which was signed by Governor Brewer on May 3, 2010, amends three sections of Title 25 (Marital and Domestic Relations). Most notably, although it stops short of creating a legal presumption in favor of joint custody, it does express a strong preference for it. The new law also allows courts to sanction parties in custody cases, and adjusts the rules that govern moving a child.

The Child’s Best Interest

The first provision expressly states that, absent evidence to the contrary, it is in the child’s best interest “to have substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing parenting time with both parents” and “to have both parents participate in decision-making about the child.” The new law then calls on courts to apply the family law provisions of Title 25 accordingly.

The provision as passed by the legislature and signed by the governor does not create a presumption in favor of either joint legal custody or joint physical custody (although an earlier version that the legislature considered-but rejected-did create such a presumption). Nevertheless, the language in the new law does track closely with the definitions of joint legal custody and joint physical custody (references to “parenting time” correspond to physical custody and “decision making” to legal custody), so judges will certainly be aware that the legislature intended to demonstrate that it favors joint custody.

Currently, judges use a list of factors outlined in section 25-403 to help determine what is in the best interests of the child when custody is contested. It may be a few months before we know exactly how the judiciary will implement the new law, but it is likely that those same factors will still be considered, but the judge will begin from the presumption that parenting time and decision-making with both parents is in the child’s best interest, and then consider the factors that may require the court to deviate from that preference.

The new law makes no change to protections that were already in place to prevent joint or sole custody with an unfit parent – instances such as significant domestic violence, recent drug offenses, or if the parent is a registered sex offender or is convicted of first-degree murder of the other parent.

Attorney’s Fees

A second provision of the new law concerns sanctions in custody cases, in the form of awarding attorney’s fees to the other party. The new law directs the judge to award attorneys’ fees to the other party if one party filed a petition in the custody hearing for an improper purpose, such as to harass the other party, create delay, or increase litigation costs. Attorney’s fees would also be awarded for filings that were not grounded in fact or based on law, or other filings that were not in good faith.

Here, the legislature was likely responding to anecdotal evidence that custody disputes often erupt into unproven accusations and name-calling that do nothing to further the child’s best interests. As with the previous provision, the legislature considered, but ultimately rejected, stronger measures that would require one party to pay attorney’s fees to the other party if he or she challenged the other party’s fitness to be part of joint custody and lost. Under the new law, there is no penalty for unsuccessfully challenging the fitness of the other parent, unless it was done improperly.

Moving a Child

The third provision makes a small change to the Arizona law that governs the notice that must be made to the other parent if the custodial parent moves outside Arizona, or moves more than 100 miles within Arizona, with the child. The existing law allows the court to sanction a parent who moves with the child without notifying the other parent, while the new law requires the court to issue the sanction, but only applies when the parent has done so without good cause.

Like nearly all laws passed in this legislative session, these new provisions go into effect 90 days from when the legislature adjourns; they will be effective on July 29, 2010. If you have any questions about how these new provisions may affect your rights as a parent, talk to an experienced family law attorney who can explain the provisions of the new law and help you protect your legal rights – and the rights of your child.

At the Baker Law Firm, in Phoenix, Arizona our family law and criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to providing superior representation to our clients. We can help you determine your most favorable legal options by lending you the resources and expertise necessary. If you need an advocate for a legal claim, contact an experienced lawyer from the Baker Law Firm today. Call us to schedule a free consultation.

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Medical Marijuana State Laws

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Attention Delaware Residents: Medical Marijuana Patients Needed!

Are you a patient with a serious medical condition who might benefit from medical marijuana, a loved one of such a patient, a medical professional, or a member of law enforcement or the clergy who might be interested in speaking out? If so, please contact Noah Mamber, the Marijuana Policy Project’s legislative analyst for Delaware, at (202) 905-2025 or to learn how you can help pass medical marijuana legislation in Delaware this year. Please also search your personal contacts and if you know someone who falls into one of those categories and might be interested in helping, please also urge them to reach out to us.

Whether or not you are a patient, you can ask your legislators to support this sensible bill, S.B. 17, by visiting this page.

Although we need supporters from all over Delaware, we especially need people in the following areas:

* Western Newcastle county, northeast of Newark, Stanton, Marshallton, Dunlinden Acres, Hyde Park, Arundel, Sherwood II, Greenwood, Northpointe, Mendenhall Village, North Star, Meadowbrook, Milford Crossroads, Chanterelle, Paper Mill Park, Deacon’s Walk, Linden Way

* Southeastern Newcastle county, Newport, Dunleith, Wilmington Manor, Castle Hills, Collins Park, Penn Acres, Jefferson Farms, Newcastle, near Newcastle Airport, Bear

* Southwestern Newcastle county including Middletown, Wiggins Mill, Townsend, Blackbird, Delaney Corner, Clayton

* Dover and areas east, west, and southwest, including Rodney Village, Wyoming, Camden, Chaplecroft, Little Creek

* Northern Sussex county coast: Milford, Slaughter Beach, Argo Corners, Sandy Hill, Harbeson, Cave Colony, Zoar, Mt. Joy, Morris Mill, Long Neck, Hollymount, Fairmount, Angola, Marshtown, Jimtown, Belltown, Nassau, Carpenters Corner, Lewes, Lewes Beach, Green Hill, Broadkill Beach

Delaware’s carefully crafted medical marijuana legislation, S.B. 17, is expected to receive a Senate floor vote on March 31. S.B. 17 would allow the compassionate use of medical marijuana for chronically ill Delaware patients with their doctors’ recommendations. It would include tightly regulated, extremely limited distribution of medical marijuana by licensing three not-for-profit compassion centers, one in each of the Delaware counties.

We have a real chance at passing medical marijuana legislation in Delaware this year, but we can’t do it without your help. Delaware is a very small state where folks know each other. The best way to pass this legislation is to get more Delawareans involved! Delaware legislators need to hear from those whom this compassionate legislation would affect. Please share your stories, experiences, and support today!



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More Evidence Suggests Marijuana Helpful in Cancer Treatment

One of the most oft-discussed benefits of marijuana is its use in the treatment of cancer and cancer symptoms or side effects. While most of the reports are anecdotal, more and more research is coming out showing that Cannabis sativa may be the most exciting compound in cancer medicine today. Certainly more study is needed, but the results so far are very promising.

This week, for example, NORML’s Paul Armentano wrote about a study that will be released shortly that showed marijuana inhalation could play a role in tumor regression in brain cancer patients. Armentano writes:

Investigators at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Vancouver documented the mitigation of residual tumors in two adolescent subjects who regularly inhaled cannabis. Authors determined that both subjects experienced a “clear regression” of their residual brain tumors over a three-year-period.

“Neither patient received any conventional adjuvant treatment” during this time period, investigators wrote. “The tumors regressed over the same period of time that cannabis was consumed via inhalation, raising the possibility that cannabis played a role in tumor regression.”

Researchers concluded, “Further research may be appropriate to elucidate the increasingly recognized effect of cannabis/cannabinoids on gliomas (brain cancers).”

Further research is indeed necessary if we want to find the true medical potential of this plant. Unfortunately, such study is highly discouraged by government organizations, unless the focus of that study is on the potential harms of marijuana. The scientific community, however, is very eager to explore the possibilities of cannabinoid medicine.

Interestingly, the National Cancer Institute recently added a section to their website called “Cannabis and Cannabinoids” to provide patients and researchers with information on marijuana and cancer treatment options. I’ll take that as a good sign.

(Special thanks to Paul Armentano and Sanho Tree)


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Montana: governor vetoes bill to repeal medical law

cannabisGov. Brian Schweitzer on April 13 vetoed a bill that would have repealed Montana’s medical marijuana law, calling it draconian and contrary to the will of the state voters who approved it in by 62% in 2004. "There were many people out there who said there is a medicine out there that is not currently legal," Schweitzer said at a veto ceremony in the governor’s reception room at the Capitol.

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Does cannabis cause global warming?

earthEvan Mills, an analyst at the US Energy Department‘s Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in California, recently completed a study entitled "Energy Up in Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production"—seeking to quantify the previously undocumented energy demand of the domestic marijuana industry.

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Medical activists arrested at San Diego City Council

CaliforniaFive medical cannabis activists were arrested April 12 in the San Diego City Council chambers protesting the final vote on a local distribution ordinance, which advocates say imposes a citywide de facto ban on collectives. During the hearing, members of the Stop the Ban Campaign—a coalition of over 20 local, state, and national groups spearheaded by Canvass for a Cause and the San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA)—repeatedly chanted "We demand safe access!" The action forced the council to clear the chambers, postponing a critical vote on the ordinance.

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National Cancer Institute reverses text on cannabis "antitumor" effect

cannabisEarlier this month, the National Cancer Institute nodded to a growing body of studies indicating that one of the chemical compounds in cannabis slows—or stops—uncontrolled cell growth. In one study, tumors in lab mice shrank once exposed to the compound CBD. The NCI updated its website to include a reference to a "possible direct antitumor effect" from cannabis. But sometime since, the reference was removed, much to cannabis advocates’ disgust.

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