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Man mails prisoners weed in Christmas cards

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A man in the United Kingdom tried to send a bit of happiness to prisoners of The Mount prison in Bovingdon, England but got scrooged. Apparently the man sent a few grams of cannabis hidden in Christmas cards. When police went to arrest the man they found a stash of 2 cannabis plants growing in his closet. This guy was not very smart. Hemel Today writes:

Elroy Charles, 20, was acting for others when he sent the cards to prisoners by recorded delivery, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Peter Shaw said the cards, which were received on December 31 last year, January 6 and February 3, contained only a small amount of the drug.

Police went to Charles’ home in East Ham, London, on April 20 to arrest him. They found two stalks of cannabis plants growing in a wardrobe in his bedroom.

When questioned he said he had not been paid to send the drugs, but it had cost around £15 to post them.

The story in it’s entirety can be found here. It was a very nice deed Mr. Charles tried to perform but HELLO, sending weed in the mail to a JAIL will certainly get you popped. And for God sakes man, don’t use your own return address on the envelopes! Now Mr. Charles will be spending 14 months in jail, I wonder if he’s got a weed fairy on the outside…

Hail Mary Jane

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Rhino Seeds: Grow The Cannabis You Want

Rhino Seeds:

Growing Cannabis is a booming business in the marijuana industry. In the American states with Medical Marijuana laws, it is legal for those with prescriptions to grow a number of personal plants. The variety is endless so it’s important for you to get seeds from a distributor you trust to give you what you want.
Rhino Seeds sells seeds from all the major producers. It’s a one stop virtual warehouse for a wide selection of cannabis varieties. They sell from the big names like Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Nirvana Seeds, and more.
Growing is getting bigger not just because it’s easier to do now, but because it’s smarter. Stoners don’t like the idea of being a slave to “the system”. It is better when you know exactly where your pot is coming from. Then you’ll have the pot you want, nurtured by you (so it loves you), with the methods you choose, and at a much lower cost too.
Their seeds vary in price. Keep in mind that the prices are in Euros, so if you’re ordering from America make sure you know what the conversion is before you decide to check out. Rhino Seeds is there to help you. Their website is designed to be easy to use. They also have a customer service line open Monday through Friday.

For first time growers this site is excellent for learning about the pot strains you are considering planting in your garden.
They have a full break down of all the the plants they’re selling. Grow time, plant summary, and genetics, can all be found on the description page of each individual cannabis plant.
For Growers in the UK you can track your orders to your door, so you know exactly when your package is arriving. Rhino Seeds is located in the UK (United Kingdom)
The next time you’re getting ready to start up a crop. Head over to Rhino Seeds. Cut out the middle man between you and your pot.
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