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Man mails prisoners weed in Christmas cards

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A man in the United Kingdom tried to send a bit of happiness to prisoners of The Mount prison in Bovingdon, England but got scrooged. Apparently the man sent a few grams of cannabis hidden in Christmas cards. When police went to arrest the man they found a stash of 2 cannabis plants growing in his closet. This guy was not very smart. Hemel Today writes:

Elroy Charles, 20, was acting for others when he sent the cards to prisoners by recorded delivery, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Peter Shaw said the cards, which were received on December 31 last year, January 6 and February 3, contained only a small amount of the drug.

Police went to Charles’ home in East Ham, London, on April 20 to arrest him. They found two stalks of cannabis plants growing in a wardrobe in his bedroom.

When questioned he said he had not been paid to send the drugs, but it had cost around £15 to post them.

The story in it’s entirety can be found here. It was a very nice deed Mr. Charles tried to perform but HELLO, sending weed in the mail to a JAIL will certainly get you popped. And for God sakes man, don’t use your own return address on the envelopes! Now Mr. Charles will be spending 14 months in jail, I wonder if he’s got a weed fairy on the outside…

Hail Mary Jane

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2011 News: US Orders OK

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011!

We hope you had an enjoyable, safe and relaxing holiday.

Here’s the latest news from the store:

The US DEA ban did NOT go into effect

On 11/24/10 The DEA filed for a temporary emergency ban on five synthetic cannabinoids. They have not acted on that temporary filing as of 12/28/10 so the products remain legal and available in stores. Read the Full Article

This means you can still order products from us if you live in the US, until further notice.

Note that some states still ban artificial cannabinoids, as always, check our List of Banned States and Countries page.

New Stock Arriving Soon

We’ve had a run of orders over Christmas so you may notice our stocks are a little low, including multipacks. Sorry about that! We expect to have a full refresh of stock in the next week.

New Weekly Special

Our Weekly Special this week is Dust: Strawberry 1gram. Buy 1, get 1 free! And yes, if you buy 2, you get 4. And so on, while stocks last.

Australian Orders

We’re still having an issue where occasionally orders sent to Australia are being held up. We’re complying with Australian Law to the best of our ability, and providing a Manufacturer’s Declaration with every order. Because AQIS/Australian Customs refuse to provide information on the status of any seized item, either to us or NZ POst, there’s nothing we can do if your order is held up or does not arrive. This is the case even if we were to send tracked, courier parcels (pretty odd really, the whole point of a tracking number is to be able to find out where a package is at, but Australian Customs do not honor requests for information on a package once it has been Held for Clearance, which is why we don’t offer the courier service any more).

We DO insure envelopes worth more than $ 200US that are posted to Australia, at our own expense, so that we can try and claim insurance if they go astray (you need to wait at least a month before contacting us in this case). But orders less than this value are sent using normal airmail and as such, may be lost, stolen or intercepted. We’re not responsible for this and will not offer refunds.

The Cookbook

The cookbook did very well in it’s trial run at Spencer Gifts in the US and we’re in the process of supplying them with more copies.


We hope 2011 provides you with opportunities and rewards and happiness before the world ends in 2012 ;)


The Stoner’s Blog

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